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01 - How I Work


01 - My Process

The 4 step process will help us get from an initial brief to a working end product

1. Discovery

We start with a Q&A session to learn more about your project and requirements. This will typically involve a discussion with your lead designer and project owner, followed by a review of your design assets.

2. Plan

After taking the time to learn about your project, we will be in the position to discuss any required technologies and functionalities for the build and if necessary, I can pass on my recommendations to maximise the potential of the project while keeping within budget.

Once a plan is agreed, I will provide timescales and a flat-rate cost for the build.

3. Build

After the timescales and costs are agreed, I'll start the build process using a selection of leading web technologies suitable for the project. I'll be doing thorough browser testing throughout and ensure all assets are optimised and the markup is valid, accessible and SEO friendly.

4. Support

Once the build is complete and signed off, I will provide support for upto 30 days after the project goes live to fix any bugs that may arise. I can also remain available as a technical consultant. Typical duties include; publishing your project to your chosen host, plugin setup and updates and future enhancements.